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Monday, February 22, 2010

when i decide to be a law student

erm...now already finish my study...: : bru abih tuk sem 4, sayup lg msenye nk abihkn diploma nie : :
life as a law student??ade gak org tnye pe yg best blaja law nie? : : haah kn..kdg2 tfikir gak..nk jwb pe la kalo ade org tnya : :
but 4 me ade sumthing yg interesting yg dpt ak blaja dr law nie sndiri..ye la kalo sem 1 dlu..ak blaja sal basic law..law kt msia nie..erm...so when i read the article about law in newspaper, i can understand more n i also can apply the law that i had learnt before in the case..a little bit different with who do not learn about law..kalo cm sem 4 nie plak...ak blaja sal undg2 pntdbiran..so ak dpt fhm sal pntadbiran..best sgt2 dpt blaja suma nie..
act, dr kecik ak mmg x da cita2 ak nk jd lawyer..so when I further my study in law...I hope I can achieve my dream..insya allah...: : teringat tbe2 tyme kck2 dlu n suddenly I remember my fren..she said that i just left one step to be a lawyer..well that's true..I hope my dream will become reality : :

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