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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I will forget you. Starting today..
I don’t know you. I have never seen you.
We never even walked pass each other.

I’m okay. I forgot everything. I’m happy with my busy life.
I’ve met a great person too.

Love is always like this. It fades away after some time.
Can’t even remember it..
When love goes away, another love comes again. It definitely will.
Even if it hurts now, it will hear a little later.
It will forget. I will too.

It’s not difficult. I will forget everything after today.
I’m just getting used to my changed life.

It will forget. I will too.
I will erase everything.
I definitely will.

dear ex, dont ever come and bother me..its hard for me to forget you..it makes me sacrifice my life, my social life..iam doing 3 works just to forget you, i make my self as the most busy person  in the world..just to forget you..it migh be easier when we just broke up in normal way..but its hurt me a lot and its give me a ton of pain when u told me to wait ,until u feel calm and i'am such a fool girl wait for u for a three month without even knowing that u were reconcile with ur ex-girlfriend..am i just a clown for u?? that u just find me when u get bored or sad?? i feel deceived and betrayed!!

after the long time  come and tell me that you just getting married and ask me to forget you and find my own happiness..what the hell!! how can u ask me to forget u!! did u didnt even cares about how i feel?? i'am still suffering..my friends call me crazy and blind to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time..

i'm trying to forget u and enjoy my life..now i am getting better without you..i think i am over you now..but why u find me and tell me you are not happy with ur marriage life?? think back!! u leave me just to find ur happiness..go ahead!! be happy!!  why u need to find me and keep nagging about ur marriage life?? iam person too..i am human..i have a feeling!! but u?? u never cares of anyone else and u just saw ur pain..its so cruel when u said everything will be different when u were with me..everything will be wonderfull if its with me..hey jerk!! u choose her at the first place!! what should u do is, accept her unperfection!! because u are not perfect person too..stop nagging around and just accept your faith and open ur heart for it..it already too late for u to regret all the things..maybe, years ago when we are together iam the sweetest and kind girlfriend to you..but its already over..i never meant to you, you have her.. she have her charms too..she had her own charm..find it and try to love it, remember the reason why u choose her ..even though were are not together..i still wish for ur happiness..i still pray for ur happiness..

life must be go on..i have my own life to treasure..you too..please stop bother me and be a good husband to her.. i already forgive u.. but u also know its hard for me to forget everything since i dont have people to clung to..but u have her..she can comfort u like i do..she can love u like i do..just give her a time..i beg u please leave me alone..so that , i can open my heart for another person..
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