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Monday, December 13, 2010

Tanpa Kata

I shouldn’t have done it,I shouldn’t have ignored it..
As thought I couldn’t see you,As thought you couldn’t be seen
I think I should have just not seen you at all..

I should have run away,I Should have pretended not  to hear..
As thought I couldn’t hear it,as thought it couldn’t be heard..
I shouldn’t have listened to your love at all..

Without a word , you made me know love..
Without a word,you  gave me your love..
You filled me with your every breath,
Then you run away..

Without a word,tears are coming down..
Without a word,my heart is breaking apart..
Not knowing what to say..
My lips must have been surprised..

Because you came without a word!!

Without belief, I’m waiting for love..
Without belief, I’m hurting for love..
I’m hurting for love without a word
I became a fool after my soul left..
And cried strarring at the sky..

Without a word u came to me..
Without a word,u left
Not prepared to let u go..
My heart must been surprised

Without a word,parting has found me..
Without a word,parting has come to me..
Not prepared to let you go..
My heart must have been surprise!!
Because you came without a word!!

Without a word!!!
Without a word u came to me
Without a word u left
Just like a passing fever
Its just needed to hurt for a while
And leave a small scar behind

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